• Who is my counselor?​

    • If you're a part-time in district student - Krista Winward

    • If you are a full-time Utah Online student grade 6-9 - Tasha Rich

    • If you are a full-time Utah Online student grade 10-12 - Staci Glazier

  • How do I know what a class is like?

    • Go to our website utahonline.org - click on courses - click on appropriate grade level tab, and each class has a link next to it that gives a course description

  • More to come

Not sure which classes to take this year?  Let us help you!


This is a yearly meeting with your counselor to help plan your future no matter what it looks like!


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Student life is sometimes hard to navigate.  Here are some things to help along your way.


FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions